1. Is it safe to order online at Gabi Jeweler? All order are secured with a SSL certificate, which guarantees safe transactions without risk of data tampering.

2. Do you certify jewelry and diamonds? Any jewelry over $500 will be provided an appraisal upon request which can be submitted to any Insurance Company for insurance purposes.

3. Are all watches you sell authentic? Absolutely, we only sell authentic watches which come with a lifetime warranty.

4. Do you do custom orders? We specialize in custom orders and thus deliver the best pricing, GUARANTEED.

5. Do you sell or share your customer information with other companies? Absolutely Not! We All customer information is 100% safe. We don’t sell or share any of our customers’ privileged information.

6. What payment methods do you accept? We accept all major credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. We also accept bank wire transfers and PayPal.

7. Can I cancel my order? All orders can be cancelled before the package is shipped out. Once the order is shipped out and for whatever reason you are not happy with your purchase, it is final sale.

8. Do you provide layaway? Layaways require a 10% deposit of the items total. Final payment must be made within 1 year, how you choose to pay for the item is at your discretion. Items are not shipped until paid in full. Any cancellations will result in a refund in the form of credit toward a future purchase.

9. Upgrade Policy? We offer a lifetime upgrade policy for all you jewelry purchases; upgrade has to be approximately 2 times the value of the original purchase.

10. Product Weights? All product weights can be found in the product description, product title or above the price. All weights are approximate as all jewelry is hand made and no two pieces of the same jewelry will ever be the same weight.


Shipping FAQ's

11. How long will it take to receive my order? At the checkout, the consumer has 2 options for delivery. Overnight or 2 day shipping.

12. Can I ship my order to a different address? No, the shipping address and credit card address must be the same.

13. What shipping companies do you use and do you require signature upon delivery? We ship strictly through USPS and Fedex. Once the package is created, we email the customer a tracking number for all orders.

14. Custom Requests. If you have a custom request, it can only be returned for store credit only as we cannot restock these items after customization.

15. WHAT HAPPENS AFTER I SUBMIT MY ORDER VIA YOUR WEBSITE? Once you submit your order, a credit card authorization hold occurs for the full amount. An authorization checks if your credit card is valid and that you have sufficient funds to complete the online transaction. The total amount of the online transaction is held and deducted from your credit card limit. Even though the funds are held and deducted from your credit limit, the funds are not automatically transferred to us until we capture the funds. Typically we try to capture funds and ship your order within a 7 day window. However, some pieces may take longer to produce and therefore may not ship for 2-3 weeks from date of order.

16. HOW LONG DOES A CREDIT CARD AUTHORIZATION LAST? The credit card authorization period can last up to 7 days in which we are able to issue a credit card capture to retrieve the funds from your account. If the credit card authorization has not been captured within the 7 days the authorization becomes void. The funds are no longer held from your account and are put back into your account. The length of time it takes for the funds to be put back depends on your credit card issuing bank but is usually 3-5 business days.

17. WHAT IS VERIFICATION/EXTRA VERIFICATION? Once an order is placed, it is sent to our verification department where we monitor any transaction for possible fraud. Depending on the nature of the transaction, the order may be sent to “Extra-Verification”. In this process, you will be sent an email requesting some form of identification (License, Passport, etc.) as well as the credit card used for the purchase (Last 4 digits). In extreme cases, you may be asked to send a photo of yourself holding both items (picture will be attached to email as an example). This is done to ensure that the person placing the order is, in fact, the cardholder. Keep in mind that we do not save these emails in our server, but rather attach them to your customer profile so that you can avoid this process in the future should you place a future order.

18. HOW LONG WILL IT TAKE TO RECEIVE MY ORDER? We do our best to turn orders around as quickly as possible, but some items can take up to 2-3 weeks to receive. If you need something by a certain date or would like to expedite shipping, please make sure to put that in the notes section of your order, or send us an email at service@GabiJeweler.com. We will always do our best to accommodate your requests and we appreciate your understanding and patience.